The goal of the PortfolioBoost service was to help E. Taylor create a professional portfolio that would showcase her unique brand and personality, and increase her chances of securing modeling jobs and sponsorships.
Fit & Talented's PortfolioBoost service provided E. Taylor with several simulated brand photography photoshoots using ECHT brand photos. The photographer, Gabriel Daniels of Opulence Images, worked with E. Taylor to ensure that the images captured her unique style and personality.
The PortfolioBoost service was a success for E. Taylor. The images from the photoshoots were used in an advertisement for ECHT, jumpstarting her career and increasing her social media growth. E. Taylor was able to secure several modeling jobs and sponsorships as a result of the professional portfolio created through PortfolioBoost.
The PortfolioBoost service was instrumental in helping E. Taylor achieve her goals in the fitness industry. With the help of Fit & Talented and Opulence Images, she was able to create a professional portfolio that set her apart from other fitness models and attracted the attention of top brands.
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