Beautiful Fitness

Client: Lakya Brookins Photographer: Artist Ari X Location: Columbia South Carolina Year: 2015 Theme: Cross-fit, Fitness Inspired All artwork on Opulence Images website (photos and texts)  cannot be used or presented without the artist prior consent.
Beautiful Fitness


Director:  Ari X Presenter: Opulence Studios
Estimated Film Time:  8 Hours Status: Now Casting
Show length  Time: 25 Minutes Location: Global


Production notes:

We take you on a voyage around the world looking for the next Fitness Star.

We introduce you to the beautiful personalities we meet.

The Fitness Star will share a laugh or two, We will make a workout DVD & also give some great tips on how they achieve their amazing physique

Afterwards, they might give you behind the scenes access to an Opulence Image sexy fitness shoot ( PG-13) Which shows how they are Beautiful Fit.


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Shot Description

The Intro

.5 hour
2 The Interview
Your Fitness Journey

Every story has a beginning we will tell the audience how your fitness journey began and what you had to go through to get where you are currently

1 hour
3 Motivation Photoshoot
Motivational Sexy Photo & Video shoot

The lack of motivation is one of the most prevalent reasons people have struggled with getting in shape.

1 hour
4 The Stretch*
Stretch Videos

Preparation is the key to success in everything, including working out. we teach the viewers how to prepare themselves for a workout session.

1 Hour
5 The Workout *
Full-length Workout Videos

There are so many different fitness techniques out there, and most fitness instructors know more than just one workout technique. we will create a series of workout videos with you that offer detailed information on how to do various exercises.

1 hour
6 Yoga or Dance
Yoga Routine

If you are familiar with the practices of Hasyayoga, Pranayama, or Kundalini Yoga then your videos can center on the most important exercises from one or all of the different schools of Yoga.

7 Voice Over for the workout *



1 hour


Equipment Used for Filming